To All Students of Mechanics,

Whether you are studying arithmetic of fractions or working on a degree in physics, I am here to help.  I have been tutoring students in mathematics, physics, and chemistry for over 12 years at all levels.  

I ask three practical things of my students.   The first thing I ask is that you communicate with me.  I won't be of much use to you if I don't understand your goals, your current situation, and your perspective.  Second, I ask that you be prepared to do some homework.  I will almost always have a tailored homework assignment for you that is personally designed to strengthen your weakness and target specific types of problems in your work.  Third, I simply ask that you bring a fresh curiosity and positive mindset to our sessions.  I will, and you will learn much better if you are able to do this.

My philosophy on education and teaching is focused on positive constructive feedback.  I believe that all of us are here on this planet to explore, to learn, to create, but most importantly to love your life and yourself, to love Nature, and to love and respect those around you.  That's the mindset I bring to the sessions and I look for that kind of  attitude in my students.  I look forward to working with you! 


                  Hannah Skelton








Courses Tutored:

Math, Physics, and Chemistry


Any local library, coffee shop, occasional house appointments.