To All Students of Mechanics.

     I know you've come here looking for a tutor.  You're expecting someone to sit and explain a concept to you. But I will do much more than that.  I will help you discover the concept for yourself.  The greatest part of learning is self discovery.  

     I only ask four things of my students.  First, give a damn.  Please bring a fresh curiosity and positive attitude to every session.  I will.  A happy mind learns much better and we will have a good time together.  Second, be willing to do your homework.  I will absolutely assign you practice problems to be done between sessions.  Of course your schoolwork comes first, but I will be looking to see that you've mastered the concept at hand.  Third, communicate with me. I cannot help you without clearly understanding your goals, your strengths and weakness, and your current academic situation.  Finally, go get organized, right now.


           Hannah Skelton




$35/hour for a single session

$25/hour for four sessions

First Session Free



Courses Tutored





You must be the change you wish to see in the world.  - Mahatma Ghandi